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Empress Irini Series – Selected Bibliography

Click here to view bibliography in .docx format Arnott, W. Geoffrey, Routledge, Birds of the Ancient World from A to Z, Routledge, 2007. Baumann, Hellmut and Stearn, William and Stern Eldwyth trans, Greek Wild Flowers and Plant Lore in Ancient Greece, The Herbert Press, c. 1982, 1986, 1993. Bosworth, C.E., trans/annoted., University of Manchester, Ehsan […]

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The Empress Irini Series is a coming of age, four-part YA series set in the Roman Empire of the East – brimming with fear, intrigue and violence. In this series, Janet McGiffin presents us with a world in which banal realities like hunger and survival sit cheek by jowl with the fantastical worlds of Medieval […]